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    We create long-lasting garments that adapt to the growth of the child,
    and we share a philosophy of consuming less but better,
    encouraging families to reuse them and
    hand them to the next generations.

    From eco-friendly linens to certified organic or recycled cottons,
    our materials are carefully selected to ensure the best quality
    and minimize the environmental impact. We are working on a “0 waste”
    project to turn dead stock of production into beautiful accessories.

    Our pieces are made slowly and mindfully in small batches in Portugal.
    By keeping the production close to home we are able to guarantee
    good working conditions and make sure our pieces are made
    with great attention to detail.

    Our hang tags are environmentally friendly and our e-shop packaging is
    100% recyclable. We are committed to make what is in our hands to reduce
    our footprint and pay this planet the respect that deserves.


    Subscribe to receive 10% off your first order