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    SS22 Floating collection takes inspiration from the
    Mekong River and the beauty of this region; its wild nature,
    its unique species, its colors, the floating villages, their traditions and the lifestyle of its inhabitants. A lifestyle where water is the main resource, everything is made in an artisanal and analogic way, producing only what it’s needed, where there are no hurries, and sunrises and sunsets set the rhythm of life.

    For this unique collection, we continued offering our essential range of checks and musseline styles, but we also introduced new ranges, such us head accessories or summer denim wear made from a premium textured organic cotton gauze.

    We also developed our custom SS22 floral print, inspired in floral plantations that take place in the river during springtime, and we selected only organic cotton, recycled and sustainable materials for this collection, as we always do.